Lowndes Co. homeless shelter giving essential winter items to those in need

Lowndes Co. homeless shelter giving essential winter items to those in need
Published: Nov. 22, 2022 at 6:28 PM EST
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VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - A homeless shelter in Valdosta has designed its program to ensure anyone experiencing homelessness can receive housing as they exit their program.

Lowndes Associated Ministries to People, or LAMP, is a nonprofit agency in Valdosta and they are taking the initiative to try to combat homelessness, especially during the winter season.

LAMP is the only shelter between Orlando and Macon that services all those that are homeless.

Shelter Director Yurshema Flanders said they are doing what they can to help make the winter season as comfortable as possible for all 56 of their residents.

“Especially at this time of year, we have a lot of individuals and organizations that come together, that donate items that we might need to help our residents who are sheltered in the shelter as well as the unsheltered,” Flanders said.

Flanders said the donations of 100 blankets and move-out kits have made it easier to help supply all residents with the proper winter essential items.

“Those blankets were given to each resident inside the shelter, so now all the beds are uniformed so everybody has their blue Subaru blanket, as well as our clients that live on the streets, also has a good warm blanket. They also received move-out kits, which consisted of cleaning items as they move into their new place,” she said.

Flanders said it’s never too late to donate to the shelter as the need is always growing.

”It’s costing now about 3-4 times the rent is what you need to make to be able to qualify to move into a nice home. And to me, of course, that’s ridiculous because, in our area, the jobs don’t pay enough so that you have enough money to sustain yourself in your home,” Flanders said.

LAMP is asking for more donations to continue to help those experiencing homelessness. Their partners will match all monetary donations, but the biggest help would be essential items, whatever you use in your day-to-day life.