1,500 vehicles up for grabs at the fall Moultrie Swap Meet

1,500 vehicles up for grabs at the fall Moultrie Swap Meet
Published: Nov. 17, 2022 at 4:53 PM EST
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MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) - There will be all types of cars for show and sale at the Moultrie Automotive Swap Meet’s fall event. WALB’s Jim Wallace sat down with the meet’s CEO who talked about all things automotive and the event’s history.

“We’ve been doing this, my dad started the show, took it over in the early 70′s in Nashville. We outgrew Nashville and moved over to Moultrie in 1990,” Jason Kelley, CEO of the Moultrie Swap Meet, said. “And this is our second show, our fall show. And then we’ve been doing the January show, which we moved to April now. That’s one been going on for over 40 years. We’ve been doing it for a while. Little family-owned organization. Dad owns everything. Me and my three brothers help run it. And it keeps growing every year. And this will probably be the biggest year pre-registration that we’ve had probably in 15 years. So it’s looking like, weather permitting, one of the best shows we have had in a long time.”

This is all at Spence Field. Tell me what is involved.

“We have over 4000 spaces for vendors who bring in parts and memorabilia and mostly auto-related stuff. We do have some arts and crafts stuff for the ladies. For those who aren’t into automotive stuff. But most of it is automotive-related. Parts. Accessories. Anything you can think of automotive-related. These people come from over 25 different states to be with us. And set up. Then on the other end of the field, we have up to 1,500 vehicles that will be for sale. About anything you can think of in a car will be available. If you are looking for something to start a project. Or if you just went a daily driver, up to full-blown show cars, there is something for everybody interested in the automotive hobby,” Kelly said.

If people don’t understand, and I know most people do in South Georgia who have been involved in it, you have people from across the country come. This is a huge economic impact on South Georgia.

“It is huge. A lot of people don’t realize it’s not just the local activity. There is people who come, not only those 25 states and vendors, we have guy who come every year from Australia and other countries, who come to buy those cars,” Kelly said. “Ship them back over to their country because they don’t have them as frequently as we do.”

If you are into cars, it’s a lot of fun. Besides the fact, you can find some bargains there.

The event will be held from Nov. 18-20 at Spence Field Highway 133, South Moultrie, Georgia, 31788. Click here for more information on their website.