Workhorse Cinema filming action movie in SWGA

Movie production company filming action flick in Adel
Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 9:19 PM EST
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ADEL, Ga. (WALB) - The boys are back again: Alexander Kane, Michael Donnavan and Vernon Davis are the founders of Workhorse Cinema, a local, independent production company. They are bringing some action to southwest Georgia.

They’re currently working on their 11th movie in Adel, and it’s called “72 hours.”

Actor and producer Alexander Kane says creating jobs and opportunities for locals in our region is what they strive to do.

“Anybody that wants to work in the movie business, we’re here to help you achieve those dreams. There’s been so many locals since the last two or three movies that have join our crew and I get more excited each time I watch a local start with us and grow into a bigger and better career,” Kane said.

A local production company is filming Southwest Georgia's latest action film in Adel.
A local production company is filming Southwest Georgia's latest action film in Adel. (walb)

There are a lot of explosions, gunfire and stunts on set. Kane told WALB about how the crew stays safe with all the action taking place.

He says there are absolutely no live bullets on set. But when the viewer watches the film on the big screens, it looks like the real thing. He says that’s all a part of the movie magic.

“You want to have a top stunt team if everyone’s qualified to do that you vet them. In your armor, in your entire team, you need to vet them heavily and make sure that all protocols are followed to a ‘T’. Nowadays, it’s even more important to take extra precautions,” Kane said.

Several of the crew members traveled far to get to South Georgia just to film this movie. WALB caught up with the movie’s director about his role. He says he has over 15 years under his belt.

Luis Da Silva is one actor that you may remember from the fifth “Fast and Furious” movie “Fast Five” where Da Silva played the character, “Diogo,” that drove a 911 Porsche. He’s now made his way to Southwest Georgia for the first time filming on set. He says he has many other projects coming up soon as well in the coming weeks. He raved out how great of a team Workhorse is to work with.

“We’re shooting “72 hours” which is an action film it’s going to be a ton of other projects coming in this town. Great crew, great producer, I’m happy to be in this town it’s beautiful here,” Da Silva said.

Kane says they are always looking for background and inspiring actors. If you or someone you know is interested visit, you can visit the WHC website to get in contact with the crew.