Congressman Bishop reacts to re-election

Congressman Bishop reacts to re-election
Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 6:08 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 9, 2022 at 6:33 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -It’ll be two more years for Georgia’s longest-serving Congressman. Sanford Bishop has been district 2′s representative for 28 years and it looks like he’ll make it to 30 after beating republican candidate Chris West.

Bishop said he and his team were fairly confident throughout the night and that he’s proud to represent Southwest Georgia for another two years.

Bishop also said he understands many people felt passionate about different things at stake in this election which is why he can understand why many of the races were very close.

“I think that people were very concerned. We’ve been through some very difficult times,” Bishop said. “We had the pandemic, we had the economy shut down, and our supply chain was broken. And of course, it took a lot to one, keep our people safe. To be able to get them tested, get them treated, (and) get them the vaccines. Get our economy going by supporting our industries.”

It wasn’t a good election for many Democrats, who’ve been blamed for issues like inflation but Bishop prevailed.

Congressman Sanford Bishop (D).
Congressman Sanford Bishop (D).(WALB)

“We have a great deal of challenges that we face but I’ve been blessed with skills, with talents, with experience that I believe that God has blessed me with to be able to use this process to work for and on behalf of the people of the second congressional district, for our great state. And for the people of the United States of America,” Bishop said.

Republicans redrew the 2nd district last year, with hopes it would change the outcome but Bishop believes his agenda serves all voters.

“I have not tried to be a public servant who was partisan at all. I believe that my job is to work for and in behalf of the people of the district,” Bishop said. “Not Republicans, not Democrats, but all of the people of the district. Because the policies, they really impact our lives. They’re not Democratic policies or Republican policies. They are American policies. They are Georgia policies.”

At his election watch party, Bishop emphasized his efforts to make sure Southwest Georgians have a better quality of life.

“I want to reiterate the fact that I take the job very seriously,” he said. “And it is a trust for me to work for and on their behalf and I renew my commitment to continue to work to use this process to improve life for all the people in our congressional district through jobs and a stronger economy, better education, (and) safe communities.”

Other issues on his agenda include affordable and accessible healthcare, a strong national defense, and a clean environment.

He especially wants to help those in underserved communities.

“I think that no child, no family, no small business should be disadvantaged or should not be able to reach its true potential because of the rural zip code in which they may be located and so we want to make sure that they have the resources so that they can actually be able to be all that they can be,” he said.

One of the main issues the Congressman wants to tackle is inflation.

“We want to increase jobs and of course, the real challenge that we face now is controlling inflation and being able to move our economy forward and to get our people at a point where we can be comfortable and prosperous,” Bishop said.

In the aftermath of the 2022 midterms, Congressman Bishop also extended his congratulations to his opponent, Republican Chris West, for a challenging race.