Albany and Leesburg voters cast their ballots in the 2022 midterm election

Voters cast their ballots for the 2022 midterms on Tuesday, November 8th
Voters cast their ballots for the 2022 midterms on Tuesday, November 8th(WALB)
Published: Nov. 8, 2022 at 10:24 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Voters across the Peach State have let their voices be heard.

For some students at Albany State University (ASU), voting this year was about preserving their right to choose.

“It’s our rights out here. Rights that were not easily won. They are actively trying to take away our rights,” ASU student, Janet Fasesin said.

Fasesin and Daijha Ali Neely are upset about the turnout on the ASU East Campus. They say they’ve been trying to boost voter turnout since August. They think many of their peers missed out on a chance to make a change.

Dental student Ahmari Lewis says he’s spent recent months studying for upcoming dental exams. He also spent months studying who he would vote for.

“I’m voting for who I think best fits best for those positions,” Lewis said.

Some locals WALB spoke with had a sense of relief after voting. Others like Diana Brown know there’s more work than just voting.

“It’s a relief. It’s also the fight has just begun. I’m rolling my sleeves up. I was just so excited to cast my vote and everything just went well,” Brown said.

The same enthusiasm to vote wasn’t shared by all voters though.

“I feel about the same. I’m glad I got to vote. Now I get to go back to work,” voter Barbara Holland said.

Holland is glad that south Georgia can move beyond the negative campaign ads and heal.

Albany has 26 precincts. One of those is found at Litman Cathedral. Pastor Michael White says his location is ideal for his congregation.

“The neighborhood we are in, it’s accessible to the voters in this area. Easy to get to right off of Slappey (Boulevard). We need to keep this as a voting precinct,” Rev. Michael White said.

Lee County has 10 precincts. At Redbone Fire Department Station 5 in Leesburg, there has been a huge turnout of more than 800 voters, according to election officials.

Voters in line at Redbone Fire Station Number 5 in Leesburg
Voters in line at Redbone Fire Station Number 5 in Leesburg(WALB)

“I think this time seems to be a little more important. I’m glad it’s over, but I think everyone owes it to themselves to come vote,” Jim Houston said.

Other voters at the Redbone Precinct say that they’ve never seen a line that long at the precinct before.