‘Some folks need a gun. And some folks don’t need no gun. It’s just bad’: Albany residents experience acts of violence

Albany home hit by bullets during a drive-by shooting
Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 7:13 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - One Albany woman is coming forward after her house was recently hit in a drive-by shooting. This comes as multiple violent crimes have happened throughout the Good Life City.

The shooting happened on West Highland Avenue Friday, Oct. 28. One woman says she, her son and her grandchild were in the home.

According to the police report, the elderly woman was in her den watching television when she heard gunshots at around 9:40 p.m.

“I done heard a ‘boom, boom, boom, boom. And I done heard that shooting going on,” the victim said. “And then he (the victim’s grandson) said ‘grandma, somebody shooting at the house.’ You know, me and him were in the room. And then he had done heated food up to go eat it. And he said he was sitting there when he saw the bullet came through. It just came through, God wouldn’t let it hit him. And he dropped his plate.”

The woman says she has no idea why anyone would shoot at her house. She says neither she nor her relatives have had any altercations with anyone that could result in her house being shot up.

Picture of a bullet hole through an Albany home.
Picture of a bullet hole through an Albany home.(WALB)

While visiting the neighborhood, WALB spoke with a few people who live nearby who say their homes have been randomly shot as well.

“Some folks need a gun. And some folks don’t need no gun. It’s just bad. The police picked up about nine bullets. And then it was a bullet come out the wall in there. And a bullet is still in the refrigerator,” the victim said.

The victim’s daughter says on the day of the shooting, she saw a cream-colored vehicle pulled in front of her mother’s residence. She says the car was parked there for over 15 minutes.

She eventually saw a man get out of the car on the passenger’s side. He was wearing a black shirt, light-colored pants and potentially had dreadlocks.

Shortly after she walked back inside her home, she says she heard gunshots. Once she walked back outside, the car was gone.

“If I feel like it’s someone after someone, if they want to do something like that, go just find that person. Have a talk with them. And say ‘Hey, something went wrong. I really need to talk with you about whatever it is,’” she said. “Don’t just go shoot someone’s house up. You know, thinking that that’s cool and it’s okay. Because everybody got moms, they got grandmoms and I have a mom.”

The victim’s house was hit with several bullets.

The victim’s daughter says she would ask the perpetrators to come forward. And that in this situation, she does not believe law enforcement officers did a thorough job.

“I don’t think the police did a good job. It was one officer who came. No one else came,” she said. “Nobody hasn’t been back since then. They might’ve been scared themselves. All them gunshots. They might’ve been scared themselves to come into the area.”

She says she knows other people who have had similar situations happen to them. And that when the police are called in areas like this, she believes there is no sense of urgency.

“They scared. That’s all it is,” she said. “You could call the police, they’ll probably say, you know, ‘This going on, that going on.’ It seems like they be scared to come if you do call them. I would like some change to be that they get all these guns off the street. If they ain’t purchased them and bought them on their own, get them off the street. If they get them off the street, the streets may be a little better.”

The victim herself says she believes more needs to be done on both sides.

“They need to have some police patrolling down through here. That’s what they really need to do. Have somebody patrol down through here. It’s rough on this side over here,” she said.

The Albany Police Department did respond to the incident. WALB reached out to the department regarding the incident at the time of this being posted, have not heard back yet.