Rep. Bishop, challenger West fight to win the Second Congressional Race

Video from WALB
Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - As Election Day draws closer, two candidates are vying for Georgia’s Second Congressional District vote.

Both candidates say they are fairly confident in this year’s race and that they both would like to see a change in the overall quality of life in southwest Georgia.

Representative Sanford Bishop is the Democratic candidate in the race. He has represented the Second Congressional District in Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1993.

“Each election gives me an opportunity to give account for my stewardship,” Bishop said. “And I have a great deal of confidence in the wisdom of the people of the second congressional district. They know what I have produced. They know my character and they know that my commitment is to work for and on behalf of the people of the second congressional district.”

Congressman Sanford Bishop (D).
Congressman Sanford Bishop (D).(WALB)

During his term, Bishop told WALB News 10 he has worked to help in much-needed areas such as rising costs and inflation, affordable healthcare, fighting crime and better resources for southwest Georgia farmers.

These are just some of the issues Republican candidate Chris West wants to see fixed as well. However, West said southwest Georgia needs new leadership.

“What I’m asking folks is just for an opportunity to go up and let me see if I can help make a difference across this district for all communities in this district,” West said. “And I think that I can based on what we’ve done in the private sector in creating jobs, and also in my time in the military.”

West said he believes he can bring a fresh, new perspective to Georgia.

“I look forward to unleashing the potential of this district to create opportunities for a lot of people that many of them hadn’t had it. And for good-paying jobs. Also, I want to tackle crime,” West said.

Bishop said that with his track record and progress, hiring someone new for the job doesn’t make much sense.

“I have used the position of being a member of Congress sort of as a ministry of public service,” Bishop said. “I wanted to use the political process and this process in Congress. To be able to improve people’s lives through the political process.”

Congressional candidate Chris West (R).
Congressional candidate Chris West (R).(WALB)

While both candidates said they would like to see major changes take place in Southwest Georgia, they each have different ways they would like to reach those goals.

One of the biggest issues amongst the candidates is improving the economy in southwest Georgia.

“Number one is to provide economic opportunity for as many people as we can across our district,” West said. “We’ve been in the top 10 poorest congressional districts of the 435 across the country for over 30 years. So what I do is commercial developments. What I do in the private sector.”

But Bishop said this is something he has continued to advocate for and work towards. Especially for Southwest Georgia’s biggest industry: farming.

“In the agriculture field, I funded the programs at the Department of Agriculture. And we produced the highest quality, the safest, the most abundant, the most affordable food and fiber anywhere in the industrialized world,” Bishop said. “But we’re only able to do that because of the investments that we make.”

Another issue on everyone’s mind is the rise of inflation.

“That’s two key issues that are facing our economy right now. Inflation because of a lot of wasteful spending that’s come out of Washington,” West said. “We don’t need to send our money, our precious resources overseas. We need to first get our energy independence back.”

When it comes to crime, Bishop said he would like to work with both law enforcement and the community.

“I supported the police officer’s bill of rights. I supported the community policing acts which allow resources to go into communities to help the community and the police department work together to address the crime problem,” Bishop said.

Both candidates say they are focused on issues such as improving healthcare for people in rural areas as well.