Testing on voting machines begins in Albany

Photo of Georgia voting stickers.
Photo of Georgia voting stickers.(WALB)
Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 5:43 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Election Day is quickly approaching, and the Dougherty County Elections Office is preparing for the big day.

The department will be testing voting machines ahead of the election. The testing is done every election year and is open for the public to see.

The logic and accuracy testing of the machines is state-mandated and serves to get the machines ready for each election.

“He sets up the equipment for the precincts. So, you’re going to let each component know what precinct it’s assigned to. It has to be assigned with that precinct. So, we have 26 Election Day precincts and then we have advanced voting,” Elections Supervisor, Ginger Nickerson said. “The actual precinct location will be downloaded so it represents where it will be utilized at.”

People can go and watch the testing if they would like.

“The location will be in our office at 222 Pine Avenue. We’re in the government center building on the second floor,” Nickerson said. “And also will be at our warehouse, which is located at the Northwest Library in Dawson Road. And it is open to the public. By law, we’re required to advertise, which we have.”

The elections department inside Albany's Government Center.
The elections department inside Albany's Government Center.(WALB)

Nickerson says this testing is essential to gain voter trust.

“The importance of the testing is for the community,” she said. “That’s why we’re required to put it out there. We want individuals to be secure. We want them to have confidence in this equipment, so that’s why we open it up to the public. All the process, all aspects of this process is open to the public. Even on Election Day from certain distances.”

Nickerson says they would encourage people to come out so that they can get familiar with the machines and see how the process works. This will ultimately help them on Election Day.

There are also some important dates you might want to know before heading to the voting booth: The last day to register to vote in the November general election is Tuesday, October 11th.

“Monday, October the 10th is a holiday- state holiday. Our office will be open,” Nickerson said. “So any individual that desires to be registered for this upcoming election, or if you have any updates, that could be name changes, address changes, any of those; please make sure you go through either the online portal, come into our office. There’s multiple ways you can complete this process.”

Other important dates and location changes are also part of this November’s election.

“We want everybody to know, of course, advanced voting is coming. And that will be October the 17th. The board voted and it has been approved for us to utilize the Albany Civic Center. We will not be in the arena. We will be in those two meeting rooms. But, it begins on Monday, October the 17th at 9 a.m. So we encourage our voters to please come out and exercise their right,” Nickerson said.

She says people can also visit the ‘My Voter’ website to verify their information, like their address and name.

“If they chose absentee by mail, applications are being received,” Nickerson said. “Please call our office or go online to complete that process as well. If they’re going to come advanced if they’re going to come on Election Day. We just got our voters to exercise their options and get out and vote!”

Nickerson told WALB they would like to get as many people registered to vote as possible.