Tifton’s iconic ‘Pink Motel’ getting restorations, under new ownership

Video from WALB
Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 10:59 AM EDT
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TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - The historic Pink Motel in Tifton is under new ownership.

Businessman Joe Pope and his two sons Jordan and Josh are working together to preserve its historic value.

Three years ago, The Tifton Historic Preservation Commission voted to allow the Town Terrance, better known as “The Pink Motel,” to be torn down for upscale townhomes.

Several Tifton residents came together to save it. After months of negotiation, the plans were dropped.

You probably recognize the previous owner, Violet Van Gundy from The Little Rascals tv show. She and her brother Jack fell in love with Tifton and built the Pink Motel to serve as a place travelers can come to, off I-75.

The new owners said the motel is currently fully occupied.

“We’re going to keep the building as it was in the 40s. We’re trying to replica just like it was. The building to the right over here is a coffee shop. People used to come right in here and have coffee and talk about and tell Miss. Van Gundy where they are going,” Joe said.

Recently, The Pink Motel appeared in two Hollywood film movies, “The Rising Tiger” and “Gasoline Ally.” The Pope family said they’re excited to be a part of Tifton’s history.

“We love the heritage of Tifton. We love giving back to Tifton so we plan on keeping this just like it is. People will ride by here all the time and they say, ‘we smile every time we ride by.’” Because it’s got so many symbolic values,” Joe said.

Tyron Spearman grew up in the 1940s when the Pink Motel was first built. He said finally seeing the motel be remodeled is something the town has been hoping for.

Spearman said he was good friends with the original owners. He said he would go sit and talk with them at the coffee shop.

“We been hoping for years that we would have someone that would recondition it and bring it back to its original looks. And it’s a different type of architecture and it’s something that needs to be preserved, and now that it will be, you will have a lot of visitors come and see and hear the stories behind it,” he said.

The Pope family have already started giving the place a new paint job and have remolded three rooms so far.