Herschel Walker, Chris West stop in Albany for crime roundtable, campaign issues

Video from WALB
Published: Aug. 24, 2022 at 11:52 AM EDT|Updated: Aug. 25, 2022 at 11:34 AM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Candidates Herschel Walker and Chris West stopped by Albany to go over key issues in their campaigns.

It was part of a roundtable hosted by the Republican National Committee. People from the community were part of the audience, and a large portion were students from the X For Boys.

Both candidates spoke about key issues in their campaigns, but the focus was on crime.

Herschel Walker is the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate.
Herschel Walker is the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate.(WALB)

“To have a very good country, you have to have law and order. Defund the police was a terrible idea and right now, because of the morale in our society today, you’re not going to get police coming out because there’s not enough of them,” said Walker.

Two South Georgia pastors sat alongside both candidates. Asking and answering questions, and advocating not only for more police but showing their support for the military.

Vivian Childs is a minister in Houston County.

“We only hear about the one or two who goes rouge and committed something that shouldn’t be done. That’s not okay, but it’s also not okay to condemn all those men and women that do it the right way,” said Childs.

Said Walker: “Strength is our U.S. military. We brought wokeness into our military. That’s going to get our men and women killed. China, Iran, Russia are not talking about wokeness. They’re talking about being a superpower.”.

Having served in the military, West said they have to be committed to having the most powerful military in the world.

Chris West is running against Rep. Sanford Bishop.
Chris West is running against Rep. Sanford Bishop. (WALB)

“If we take our eye off the ball getting into other issues that take away from our training, we do it potentially to our own detriment and to our own peril,” said West.

West faces Rep. Sanford Bishop and Walker faces Senator Raphael Warnock — competitors both candidates say are pro-choice.

Walker asked Pastor Garland Hunt, who sat on the panel, his thoughts.

“It infuriates me when you have a pastor who sits at the pulpit that says he’s a pro-choice pastor. The safest place a baby could ever have is in the womb of his mother,” said Hunt.

Both Walker and West say they want to help all people and believe their focuses will make them frontrunners.

They will face their opponents in the Nov. 8 general election.

Warnock’s team issued the following statement in response to the roundtable:

“Rev. Warnock is fighting for Georgia veterans, service members, and law enforcement officials — successfully leading the effort to expand healthcare access for veterans, fighting back against President Biden’s proposed cuts to Georgia’s military bases, and passing his bipartisan bill to support local law enforcement. Georgians will have a clear choice this fall between Reverend Warnock’s extensive record of fighting for Georgians and Herschel Walker who has proven he is not ready to represent Georgians in the Senate.”