Three teens arrested for stealing guns from Fitzgerald firearms store

Fitzgerald police have arrested 3 TEENAGE BOYS ACCUSED OF driving a stolen car INTO A GUN STORE...
Fitzgerald police have arrested 3 TEENAGE BOYS ACCUSED OF driving a stolen car INTO A GUN STORE AND STEALING SEVERAL GUNS INSIDE(walb)
Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 5:10 PM EDT
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FITZGERALD, Ga. (WALB) - Fitzgerald police have arrested three teenagers for driving a stolen truck through the walls of Broome’s Firearms store, and then stealing several guns from the store.

The break-in took place at Hills Midtown Mall Plaza in Fitzgerald. The police department hasn’t released how many or what type of guns were stolen but they did say more arrests are likely in this case. The three male teens were charged and taken to Caldwell Juvenile Center in Eastman.

“They’ve been charged from various things which involve theft in a motor vehicle used in the incident to the actual burglary and compositions that occurred following that,” said Cpt. James Tilly.

Police in nearly every community says stolen guns are one of their biggest concerns. According to Fitzgerald police, a common practice of stolen guns is them being sold to people in other communities.

Cpt. Tilly says stolen guns are usually used in crimes. He recommends gun owners get familiar with the serial number associated with their gun.

“Know what kind of gun you have, know your serial numbers to be able to access the information because if it is stolen that’s one of the most identifiable features that we can use to get that gun back or to at least listed as stolen.” He says

The FBI reports in 2020, 77,000 guns were reported stolen in 271 cities. And smaller towns like Fitzgerald weren’t even tracked in that study.

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