Nigel Brown supporters demand community leaders take action

Video from WALB
Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 5:17 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Many protesters at Monday’s event say that it is up to both the community and its leader to make a change.

Nigel’s mother, Yolander Brown, says she believes the officers working on her son’s case have done a good job of keeping her informed.

Yolander Brown is Nigel Brown’s mother.
Yolander Brown is Nigel Brown’s mother.(WALB)

“I say law enforcement has been doing a wonderful job. They can’t call me with every detail. That’s not protocol,” she said. “But for the information that they have been calling me with, yes, I thank them. And they have been 100 with me.”

But Sherrell Byrd, a community activist in Albany, says community leaders need to do more.

“It’s important for even our leaders in this community. They’ve stopped talking about this,” Byrd said. “And they need to do something. They need to do something to stop the level of gun violence that we have.”

Protestors participating in chants.
Protestors participating in chants.(WALB)

Byrd says gun violence is a bigger issue than Nigel’s case.

“Albany saw a major uptake in violence during the pandemic,” she said. “And we had funds, we had resources that could’ve addressed this situation. But they didn’t use that money to help our community to heal from the trauma of COVID and the gun violence that happened.”

She, like many others, wants to see the Nigel Brown case solved.

Nigel Brown's mother (pictured in the gray t-shirt) hugging some fellow protestors.
Nigel Brown's mother (pictured in the gray t-shirt) hugging some fellow protestors.(WALB)

“They have a responsibility. They have a responsibility to answer for what happened to Yolander Brown and her family,” Byrd said. “They have to answer for why there’s so much gun violence in our community. They have to answer why our children are dying. And we need answers as a community.”

"End gun violence" poster.
"End gun violence" poster.(WALB)

Byrd says this issue needs to be addressed all across the country, and that she believes stricter gun laws need to be put in place to protect our children.

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