Lee Co. Animal Control officer rescues litter of puppies, mom from abandoned building

Video from WALB
Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 6:37 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - One Lee County animal control officer is getting a lot of online attention for her bringing one dog’s family back together.

Kathy Mills is an animal control officer with the marshal’s office in Lee County.

She said she got a call Monday night from dispatch about a few complainants in Smithville who said they had a lab getting into their garbage and becoming a nuisance.

Mills said when she got there, it was clear the dog had been nursing puppies and had not eaten in a while other than the trash she’d been taking from the garbage can.

“I had to take her to the shelter, so I loaded her up in my vehicle and came to the animal shelter and got her all set up with a nice little bed and food and everything like that,” Mills said. “Before I left, I made her a promise. I said, ‘You know what, baby? We got to find your little babies.’”

Mills said the shelter was busy and was not able to try and locate the puppies until Wednesday.

“Officer Apperson and I went into the woods following mama dog and she knew exactly where she was going. And you could tell that there was like a sense of urgency to it for her,” Mills said.

They were eventually led to an abandoned chicken coop where they heard the puppies and eventually rescued them.

Seven puppies who were found in an abandoned chicken coop on Wednesday were rescued.
Seven puppies who were found in an abandoned chicken coop on Wednesday were rescued.(Source: WALB)

“They had been without mama dog since Monday. And they were other than being dehydrated, they were in fantastic shape. Mama dog had done such a good job in picking just the right place to have her babies,” Mills said.

All of the animals were taken back to the shelter for exams and vaccinations.

Since her social media post on Monday, she’s gotten a tremendous amount of attention. The shelter has even gotten donations from all over the world, even from places like Canada.

Mills said the puppies are able to be fostered at eight weeks after they’re weaned. And that she hopes more people would consider adopting animals from an animal shelter.

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