GSW sees largest freshmen class move in on Friday

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Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 6:45 PM EDT
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AMERICUS, Ga. (WALB) - Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) is making history this fall semester by having the largest freshman class ever.

Moving day can be stressful but at GSW, the community makes sure students have what they need to make an easy transition for their first day.

Everyone has been a freshman before. It’s what starts your educational journey for post-secondary degrees.

Neal Weaver is the president of GSW.
Neal Weaver is the president of GSW.(Source: WALB)

“We know that their success is really determined in the first six to seven weeks of the semester. So, we’re going to focus a lot of energy, a lot of attention around what we do early and making sure that they connect, and they have a good start to their academic career, to find this place, to be comfortable, to be safe, and to be a place that truly focused on their development,” said Neal Weaver, president of GSW.

Volunteer members said they remember when it was their move-in day, so it’s easy to lend a helping hand.

Chris Yarborough is a volunteer from Cornerstone Church in Americus.
Chris Yarborough is a volunteer from Cornerstone Church in Americus.(Source: WALB)

“No, it feels it feels really great. It feels great to be able to help students, especially some students that may not have as much family here to help them. It’s great to be able to lend a helping hand to help them set up beds to move into their dorms again to provide food, something that’s easiest food and water for them is great and just to see them open that door and smile,” said Chris Yarborough, who volunteered for the moving day.

Molly Anderson is a GSW student on a Rotary scholarship.
Molly Anderson is a GSW student on a Rotary scholarship.(Source: WALB)

Molly Anderson is from Sweden and attends GSW on a Rotary scholarship.

“I’m here thanks to the Rotary Student Program and thanks to the clubs of Albany. It feels great to be here. It’s been a long process. I’ve been waiting for this since 2020. Due to COVID, I had to postpone until this year. It feels amazing and it feels so good. To be here and see the community come out and you just feel like this school really cares about its students,” Anderson said.

More than 200 students moved in on Friday. They encourage students to build relationships and look after each other this school year.

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