‘The roads are in bad condition’: Albany resident fighting for better road conditions

Published: Jul. 28, 2022 at 6:09 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - One Albany man is determined to make the streets in his own neighborhood safer.

Philippine Edwards said he feels as though the city has done nothing to combat his complaints.

Edwards said he’s lived on Brierwood Drive for three years now. He said he started noticing several of the issues a while back. Edwards said he’s noticed people speeding through the neighborhood, cracks and major dips in the road, among other problems.

“The roads are in bad condition. We need to have something done. I’m a homeowner. And this is a subdivision,” Edwards said. “We got a one-lane road. But there’s no division. There’s no lines or anything to say, ‘Hey, what side of the road you should be on. What side of the road I should be on.’”

Philippine Edwards has lived on Brierwood Drive for three years now.
Philippine Edwards has lived on Brierwood Drive for three years now.(WALB)

Edwards said he’s reached out to several Albany City Commissioners, but nothing has been done about any of the issues.

“My brother-in-law is an engineer. He looked at it, and he said there’s a leak under there. There’s got to be something to cause the road to cave in. So that was a concern of mine,” he said. “I had a gentleman come out to me, we spoke about it. He said he would send an engineer out there. He never got back with me.”

One of those commissioners was Ward 1′s Jon Howard.

“I actually didn’t get a petition because when I was starting to get a petition, I asked Mr. Howard should I get a petition. He told me to wait and see. That he’ll send somebody out here and talk to me. Supposedly an engineer. That never happened,” Edwards said.

But Howard told WALB News 10 that the city did conduct a study in the area.

“We did go out and do a survey of it. And so the survey we did, like I said, requires 35 mph. But, unfortunately, the Brierwood area only came back 28,” Howard said. “And so the engineers made the decision that that was too slow to put speed tables in the neighborhood.”

Howard said in order to have speed tables installed, a petition must be started. And 80% of the neighborhood must be homeowners.

Jon Howard is the Albany City Commissioner for Ward 1.
Jon Howard is the Albany City Commissioner for Ward 1.(WALB)

Edwards said despite the city’s findings, he and his neighbors still have a chance at getting their needs fulfilled.

“Another study can be done,” he said. “And it’s a possibility that the speed would be up because of new individuals moving in a residential area. And speeders are coming through there. So we can always watch at the end of another grace period and do another study.”

Howard said the city is slowly, but surely working to address road issues. The city commissioner also said the city just installed speed bumps on the 2700 block of Yorktown Avenue, which is over a mile away from Brierwood Drive.

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