Ashburn business helps prevents ‘tech neck’ injuries with yoga

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Published: Jul. 20, 2022 at 8:13 PM EDT
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ASHBURN, Ga. (WALB) - ‘Tech Neck’ headaches and back pain are the new modern workplace injuries. It often happens to people that are on the phone, computer, or driving.

Supportive fish pose is one of the techniques that help reverse rounded shoulder posture.

The term “tech neck” refers to injuries caused by things we do on a daily basis without even noticing it.

Kandis York is a Licensed Massage Therapist.
Kandis York is a Licensed Massage Therapist.(Source: WALB)

“So tech, neck or text neck refers to that forward head posture that you get from leaning your head significantly forward or looking forward at a computer screen where the head just falls forward, more than the body needs it to,” said Kandis York, a licensed massage therapist.

Cristi Brown is a restorative yoga certified instructor – which focuses on posture and relieving tension.

“So what I recommend is some of the stuff that we’re actually demonstrating today is mountain pose, where you make sure that your posture is straight from head to feet, and then also the abdominal twist. We’re going to do an abdominal torso twist,” said Brown.

Most people don’t realize that different yoga poses are used in daily stretch routines.

“If you think about some of the stretches that you’re doing normally or that the chiropractor sent you home with or that the doctor sending you home to avoid your back strain. All of those are included in a lot of yoga moves are included in with that,” said Brown.

Holly Gibson says she is happy she knows the best type of stretches to do moving forward.

Holly Gibson is the owner of Red Wall in Ashburn, GA.
Holly Gibson is the owner of Red Wall in Ashburn, GA.(Source: WALB)

“We try to stop every two hours to like, we both get out and stretch and now I know the right stretches to do,” said Gibson.

Attendees practiced some of the poses as the experts were demonstrating.

“So, I’m just excited to know, you know, I knew I hurt but I didn’t know what it was called. So, I’m just really excited to know how to remedy it,” said Gibson.

It’s important to learn to just be still and eliminate how much you are moving around.

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