Kids continue to learn about sea animals at Flint Riverquarium

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Published: Jul. 13, 2022 at 5:51 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - This week’s theme at Flint RiverQuarium is “Feeding Frenzy.” Kids are learning all about the different types of sea animals and the foods they eat.

The camp began on Monday. Kids also visited the aquarium, played games, and conducted science experiments.

Kaden Raynor is a participant at the camp and is going to the 5th grade. He says he wanted to attend for one thing.

Kaden Raynor is a camp attendee and is entering 5th grade.
Kaden Raynor is a camp attendee and is entering 5th grade.(WALB)

“I just really like animals and I enjoy them, hanging out and visiting the aquarium. Some of my favorite animals are probably snakes, turtles, tortoises, and fish,” he said.

Raynor says he believes this camp will look good on his college applications. He hopes to go to Harvard and later work at Chehaw Park & Zoo.

Turtles at the aquarium.
Turtles at the aquarium.(WALB)

He adds that what he’s learned at camp will benefit him, even more, when he has to go back to school and take science classes.

Jackie Entz, who is the education director for the camp emphasizes this point.

“You can read things in a book a million times over. But when you’re here and when you’re in camp, you get to see the object,” she said. “You get to watch the turtle. You get to watch them eat. You can see the moving pieces of his mouth or how they’re using their hands to manipulate something to eat it.”

Raynor says he’s learned a lot about turtles this week.

One of the turtles that kids observed during the camp.
One of the turtles that kids observed during the camp.(WALB)

“They like to eat shrimp and filter feeders, which was our lesson yesterday,” he noted.

Parents still have other opportunities to sign their children up.

“We have ‘Scales, Tails and Fingernails’ coming up July 25-29th,” Entz said. “And then we also have a camp on all of those random days that children are out of school throughout the year and maybe we have to work. So if you missed this week, I promise there are plenty of other opportunities.”

Entz tells me she loves the feedback she gets from campers and believes the hands-on learning will really benefit the campers.

Fish inside the aquarium.
Fish inside the aquarium.(WALB)

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