‘His name is never going to die’: Albany community celebrates Nigel Brown’s 10th birthday

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Published: Jul. 10, 2022 at 4:32 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Yolander Brown is still without answers nearly a year after her son Nigel was tragically killed.

Nigel was killed by a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting when he was asleep.

July 9 would have been his 10th birthday.

Brown said although Nigel only lived 9 years, he will still be a part of Albany’s history.

“It’s history. We have Martin Luther King and others. It’s history. Nigel, he will be a part of history. His name is never going to die,” Brown said.

She hopes to carry on his name and set him as an example of fighting for justice and the impact of gun violence on a community.

The day that celebrated him started off with a march to the Civil Rights Park in downtown Albany. It ended with a party including a bounce house, game room and refreshments.

July 9 would have been Nigel's 10th birthday/
July 9 would have been Nigel's 10th birthday/(WALB)

Brown reflects on her son’s thoughts if was still here.

“So much smiling. He would be like, “All this is for me?’ He would be so excited,” Brown said.

Brown and Team Nigel also wanted to make this event about more than just Nigel.

“We’ve got to keep the city safe. Cut down on gun violence,” Brown said.

The march drew others who were affected by gun violence who want it to stop.

Kelvin Hill came from Terrell County.

“27 years ago, I lost my brother to gun violence. We just need to put the guns down and just love each other,” Hill said.

Hill said that every death by a gun impacts all of us.

“He is my son, my child, my nephew because we are all one family,” Hill said.

“You shoot one person but you are destroying or shattering the whole family,” Jacara Fuller-Brooks said.

Fuller-Brooks lives in Albany. She lost her brother to gun violence in Atlanta two weeks ago. Fuller-Brooks brought her brother’s young children to the event.

Fuller-Brooks is fighting harder than she once did before her brother’s death. She prefers fewer guns but will take anything if it means fewer families like hers go through what she’s experiencing right now.

“It could happen to anybody. We don’t know who could be next if we don’t get this under control,” Fuller-Brooks said.

The reward for information leading to an arrest of the person who killed Nigel is now $17,600.

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