Albany woman looking for solutions in unlivable Housing Authority conditions

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Published: Jul. 6, 2022 at 6:32 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 6, 2022 at 6:34 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - An Albany woman is considering a lawsuit against the Albany Housing Authority after she said she’s suffered from unlivable housing conditions.

Chaunta Young, Albany resident, said she’s suffering from health problems caused by mold, but that’s only part of the issue. She also said she had a leaky roof that didn’t get fixed for weeks, which caused her ceiling to collapse.

More pictures of Young's ceiling.
More pictures of Young's ceiling.(Chaunta Young)

Young said it all started on May 25, when her ceiling started leaking. Just fixed days later she said her ceiling collapsed. But it still took two more days for someone to come to her home.

Young has been a Housing authority resident since Feb. 2008. She said after her ceiling collapsed she requested to be relocated, but was denied.

Chaunta Young is an Albany Housing Authority resident.
Chaunta Young is an Albany Housing Authority resident.(WALB)

“On June 9, they come out to actually put up some Sheetrock and they left gaps all in the ceiling,” she said. “They came back and put some tape around it or some mud or whatever, so still no mold remediation was done.”

She said the mold has become so significant in her apartment that it’s making her sick.

Pictures of Young's fallen ceiling.
Pictures of Young's fallen ceiling.(Chaunta Young)

“Me and my children are breathing in mold constantly everyday. So where do we go from here? And today when I got home they were out there doing some painting to the ceiling, so they said they would come back another day after that dries to repaint over it.”

Young told me she reached out to doctors and officials, but has still been unable to get a mold test done.

William Myles, CEO of Albany’s Housing Authority, said they did send out someone to look at the property.

“One of the maintenance guys could not complete it, so we had to go back and get contractors to come in,” he said. “Most of our maintenance guys, they do routine repairs. A lot of the constructional stuff we have to get outside assistance. When you get outside assistance, they don’t necessarily work for the Housing Authority. So you’re on their time table.”

William Myles is the CEO of Albany's Housing Authority.
William Myles is the CEO of Albany's Housing Authority.(WALB)

Myles said things like staff reductions also contribute to delays.

Young said she knows other people within the Housing Authority whose ceilings have collapsed as well, and that she is still currently seeking a lawyer and considering legal action.

Myles encourages residents to contact him directly at if they feel as though their needs are not being met.

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