Maintaining a low energy bill during hot temperatures

Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 5:24 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A hot day in middle Georgia with no air conditioning? “Uncomfortable with the high heats and everything, it’s been really hot in the house,” says homeowner Earnie Davis.

That heat can be brutal on anyone, so Earnie Davis called a repair company to see if his problem could be fixed.

“We bought this house new 14 years ago and never had it serviced,” says Davis.

Experts say that could be the number one problem to saving money and preventing having to call a repairman.

“Some things that you could have done before we got to this point and to prepare for next cooling season, is to make sure to have a preventative plan like you would your primary care doctor to get a checkup,” says Brandon Adams, Vice President and Operations Manager of Airforce Heating and Air.

Prevention starts with a few things, like proper insulation and changing filters. And if you haven’t done that, it could cost you money, and you can be pushed to the back of the line for repairs.

“We’re seeing these hundred-degree temperatures, and you have the thermostat set to sixty. It is working overtime to try and reach the demand of the thermostat,” says Adams.

With 100-degree temperatures, we have been experiencing a broken air condition unit that doesn’t cool down enough.

This is precisely what Earnie Davis is dealing with at his home. “Just go with a maintenance plan instead of waiting for it to die,” says Davis.

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