Albany ‘Wear Orange’ event attracts people from both sides of gun control debate

Albany ‘Wear Orange’ event attracts people from both sides of gun control debate
Published: Jun. 5, 2022 at 6:20 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 5, 2022 at 7:03 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Every year, families in Albany are left with one less seat at the dinner table due to gun violence

This weekend, southwest Georgians have been wearing orange to demand the number of deaths doesn’t get any higher

At Saturday’s Wear Orange Rally in Albany, people got to share the names and memories of friends and family they lost to gun violence.

Nigel Brown's mother steps up for gun violence
Nigel Brown's mother steps up for gun violence(WALB)

Yolander Brown’s son, Nigel Brown, was also one of those names called. Brown said she is usually battling for justice for Nigel’s death and that this weekend it is also about the other mothers, fathers and siblings.

“We had different people cheering different names if the family wasn’t here to hear. I know it would be an honor because I was honored to hear my son’s name called,” Brown said.

Tim Wesselman, an event attendee, said he hasn’t lost anyone to gun violence, but still felt it was necessary to attend the event. To him, the event wasn’t about Republicans versus Democrats.

“When we say ‘we want change’, we have to finish that sentence. We want our elected officials to pass laws on how guns are carried and owned and operated,” Wesselman said.

A prayer for gun violence victims in Albany
A prayer for gun violence victims in Albany(WALB)

Wesselman also said he’s been trying to get a similar type of event in Albany for years.

“It’s been hard to get people to come together on this issue, so this is a good thing. We see that in Albany people care about ending gun violence and that is very encouraging,” Wesselman said.

One person who wanted to remain anonymous said they were there to support their neighbors. They also want Americans to keep their guns but understand why people are fed up with mass shootings.

Michael Harper, a guest speaker at the event said we must listen to those who were here before us.

“We have to ask our ancestors to guide us, because we need them,” Harper said.

Yolander Brown wants to make sure this is not only a conversation whenever a tragedy happens.

“Don’t stop it just now. Don’t stop it next year. Don’t stop it in two weeks,” Brown said.

The reward for information about who killed her son in August 2021 still stays at more than $17,000.

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