Closing arguments end in Albany assassination attempt trial

Video from WALB
Published: May. 31, 2022 at 6:29 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The trial for the men charged in an assassination plot is getting closer to coming to an end.

Darrell Eiland and Ernest Hudson are standing trial in connection to the 2018 shooting that left Andrea Willis paralyzed.

Judge Denise Marshall, who’s hearing the case, is planning to turn the case over for the jury to deliberate Wednesday morning. Before that, the jury listened to the state and defense’s closing arguments on Tuesday.

The state started arguments with a 15-minute overview of the case. Refreshing the jury on the timeline of the case and who is responsible for the crime. Something they say is backed up with testimony and surveillance video.

“Not only did both codefendants place (Darrell) Eiland in the car when this was talked about, you saw someone come in shoot four times and leave,” said Drew Lane, Dougherty County senior assistant district attorney.

They also used Andrea Willis, the person who was shot and paralyzed, to identify the man she says shot her.

Alan Dasher, Eiland’s attorney, argued his case next.

His main point touched on inconsistencies in testimony.

Arguing the two men charged in this case that are not on trial only testified because of the deals they were given. Deals that would ultimately give them less time in prison.

“To get that deal, have to implicate somebody. Sorry, Darrell, you’re the one we’re going to try and exonerate ourselves,” Dasher said.

Amanda Young, Ernest Hudson’s attorney, argued there was no conspiracy to commit murder — the only crime Hudson was charged with — but that he knew too much.

“Wanted to protect his son when he found out what happens. Because he didn’t run to police, doesn’t make him part of a conspiracy doesn’t make him involved,” she argued.

The judge is planning to charge the jury Wednesday morning.

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