Lee Co. mom searching for solutions after daughter’s bullying incident

Video from WALB
Published: May. 21, 2022 at 12:04 PM EDT
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LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - A Lee County mom is speaking out after her daughter experienced a bullying incident at a Lee County Elementary School that she said threatened her daughter’s life.

“It’s sad. I’m scared for my daughter’s safety,” Darcy Gashwiler said.

Her daughter is a 5th grader at Lee County Elementary School. She said on April 22 Her daughter was threatened by another student on school grounds. A threat she says changed her daughter’s life.

“On April 22, I received a phone call from a friend who stated while at soccer practice the night before, a fellow student that went to Lee County Elementary School had told her and her mother that one of her friends was allegedly going to lure my daughter into a closet, use mustard gas to end her life and tools from her dad’s shed to dismember her body,” Gashwiler said.

After hearing that, Gashwiler reported it. Investigations were done by the school and the police department.

She said that the student admitted to making the threats in a police report. Since then, Gashwiler has tried to work with the school about her daughter’s safety but hasn’t gotten anywhere. Even after going to the Lee County school board.

Darcy Gashwiler is determined to bring her daughter's bullying incident to light.
Darcy Gashwiler is determined to bring her daughter's bullying incident to light.(WALB)

“I feel the school has failed my daughter, and my family and every student within the Lee County School System. When this was brought to light, I shouldn’t have had to go to this length to protect my daughter while at school. My daughter is scared to go to school,” she said.

I reached out to Lee County Schools. They gave me this statement:

Gashwiler says she won’t stop until her daughter is separated from her alleged bully.

Gashwiler said the incident has impacted her family greatly.
Gashwiler said the incident has impacted her family greatly.(Darcy Gashwiler)

“She doesn’t deserve this. I’ve had to sleep with her every single night since this happened because she’s scared to go to sleep,” she said.

Gashwiler tells me she has emailed and sent letters to the state board of education to bring the issue more to light.

She’s hoping by next school year, her daughter is no longer scared to go to school.

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