Thomasville parents struggle to find baby formula amid nationwide shortage

Mothers in South Georgia are continuing to struggle to find baby formula as the nationwide...
Mothers in South Georgia are continuing to struggle to find baby formula as the nationwide shortage continues.
Published: May. 16, 2022 at 5:36 PM EDT
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THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) - Mothers in South Georgia continue to worry as the nationwide baby formula shortage continues.

People across South Georgia are lending a helping hand, by sharing on social media when and where they are spotting baby formula in the area; however, supplies don’t last long as worried mothers snatch up the resources quickly.

Mothers, grandmothers and even mothers to be said that the situation around the shortage of baby formula and the uncertainty surrounding how long the issue will last is heartbreaking.

“Luckily I have family that, you know, is always stocking up and sending me stuff. But for the ones that don’t have family, and you can’t get it right then and there, yeah, it’s pretty scary. It makes you wonder how long is it going to last and when we will be able to see more baby food out there,” Ellie Viers, a new mother who lives in Thomasville, said.

Viers has family in Tennessee, and they are often able to ship it to her, but she fears that she won’t be able to receive the soy-based formula for her baby’s needs.

As a new mother, Viers said she had not been able to breast feed her 4-month old infant because of allergies, and that her son requires a special kind of formula that she has been struggling to find.

The shoppers said they were not surprised that they could not find baby formula at the stores in Thomasville.

A Walmart employee has told WCTV that they get baby formula shipments daily, but they have no way of telling how long they last once they arrive in stores.

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