Could overturning Roe v Wade impact other contraception?

Video from WALB
Published: May. 10, 2022 at 10:21 AM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Many people may be wondering if there will be a domino effect when it comes to other forms of contraception.

Since the bombshell report of possibly overturning Roe v Wade, the landmark abortion ruling, states like Mississippi and Idaho have said they will not rule out the possibility of banning other forms of contraception, like IUDs or Plan B.

But how does South Georgia feel about this?

One Albany woman told WALB News 10 that after getting pregnant at 16, she decided to keep her baby. But, Latisha McClutcher said all forms of contraception should be available to other young girls who might not make the same choice she did.

“Women should have the right to decide on what happens with their bodies. If you feel as though you’re not ready to be a mother, don’t have any children,” McClutcher said.

McClutcher said she believes taking away all forms of contraception could be catastrophic.

Latisha McClutcher lives in Albany. She said she got pregnant at 16 and decided to keep her...
Latisha McClutcher lives in Albany. She said she got pregnant at 16 and decided to keep her baby, but believes that other women should have other contraceptive options available to them.(WALB)

“This world would be overturned because there’s too many children out there, and little parents,” she said. “Because a lot of people don’t want to be parents. They want to have the sex, but don’t want the responsibility.”

Scott’s Pharmacy Owner Paul Scott said he remembers when Plan B was first introduced to pharmacies. He says if Roe v Wade is overturned, he would not rule out the possibility of different states deciding to get rid of many forms of contraception.

“As far as the likelihood, I think at this point, anything is on the table because there are pharmacists who I worked with, older pharmacists from the 80s,” Scott said. “They would tell me that they had no inclination that this would even be possible where you could purchase a morning after pill over the counter, without a prescription, without a doctor’s supervision.”

Scotid he thinks this would vary by state. And even by pharmacy.

Scott said pharmacy owners can decide if they want to sell a product or even if it is 100% legal.

“A lot of political sectors are saying like they’re not here to take birth control away, but when you have other states and other representatives who are saying, ‘hey, yeah, everything is on the table, we’re considering, you know, outlawing Plan B, outlawing IUDs.’ You know at what point and where is the line drawn to say, ‘hey, that birth control also falls in line with that,’” he said.

Scott said there are still many forms of contraception available even if Roe v Wade is overturned but could vary depending on supply and demand.

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