BINGE IT!: ‘Abbott Elementary’ brings funny antics to the classroom

Action-comedy ‘Free Guy’ uses video gaming to get a laugh
Published: Mar. 14, 2022 at 10:41 AM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Bingers, for the past few weeks, I’ve been needing a laugh more than anything. So what do I do when I need a laugh? I binge some good comedies to make me feel good.

During my comedy binge, I watched a sitcom that I know you’ll love.

ABC’s “Abbott Elementary” is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. The sitcom acts as a mockumentary, and that camera always gets the right angle.

Created by and starring former Instagram and Buzzfeed star Quinta Brunson, the show aired in December 2021 and has already gained nationwide popularity.

Actually, the ratings are so good that Abbott Elementary became ABC’s first comedy to quadruple in ratings during the season. Also, ABC recently confirmed the sitcom will be back for a season 2.

With a 100% on the Tomatometer, the show is TV-PG which means the whole family can enjoy it.

Not only is Abbott Elementary delivering laughs, but the show also gives back to schools, recently partnering with Scholastic to provide free books fairs in underprivileged schools.

Binge of the Month!

Inspired by the creator’s mother and second-grade teacher, the sitcom takes place at Abbott Elementary School in a Philadelphia school district.

Though the school is full of dedicated teachers, the school is really underfunded and under-resourced.

The principal, Ava, brings in cameras to document the school day, making every funny interaction seen. Hilariously, Ava loves picking on Janine and Ava also loves making sure she doesn’t have to work hard at all.

Second-grade teacher Janine Teagues is always on a mission to help her students any way she can. And sometimes, she can get a little too optimistic. But with all her antics, she always gets support from Jacob, another beginner teacher whose kind of awkward but loveable.

Veteran teachers Barbara Howard and Melissa Schemmenti are the ones used to the struggles of working in an underfunded school. They appreciate Janine’s efforts but know they it will go unnoticed.

Barbara, played by the legendary Sheryl Lee Ralph, is one of those teachers that everyone respects and fears at the same time. And Janine aims to be like her one day, and she makes it obviously known.

If you need supplies, Melissa always has a connection. Though the source may be questionable, she uses her connection to help get much-needed supplies among other things.

And we can’t forget Gregory. The nonchalant substitute teacher aims to stay to himself but just like the others, he’s always pulled into the chaos. But we all know he loves to be included though he may say different. He also has the best camera stares.

And I know Abbott Elementary fans are ready for Gregory’s crush on Jenine to blossom.

Through all the daily chaos at Abbott, the teachers always come together and they learn from the students just as students learn from them.

You can binge Abbott Elementary now on Hulu.

Kim's Binge It! rating:

Kim’s rating system is simple and straight to the point:

  • 1 – Hard to finish: It may be new but it’s not good. Definitely hard to finish the season.
  • 2 – Boring: I finished the season, but it wasn’t that exciting or engaging.
  • 3 – At least the storyline was decent: It was good, but the show didn’t pull me in.
  • 4 – It was good: The show was engaging and interesting.
  • 5 – I was hooked: I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

Abbott Elementary received a 5 in our Binge It! series:

Abbott Elementary provides a fun and clean laugh to all ages. I love that the sitcom also includes the students as actual characters in the storyline and not just background characters. It makes their interactions and connections more entertaining. The show definitely delivers on highlighting the experience of teachers in our country. Quinta Brunson created something special that speaks to not only teachers but everyone that’s ever been a student. I can’t wait to see more of this show and I hope several more seasons will follow.

Can you relate to the characters in Abbott Elementary? Take the personality quiz below!

Movie Spotlight!

Continuing with the laughs, this month’s Movie Spotlight! is a film that delivers a good time and fun action.

Free Guy is an action-comedy starring Ryan Reynolds. The film was released in theaters in August 2021 and has grossed over $331 million worldwide.

Free Guy received an 80% on the Tomatometer with one critic saying, “five minutes after finishing Free Guy, I found myself looking up showtimes to rewatch one of the best films of the summer.”

The film is rated PG-13 for language and violence.

Unknowingly living in a video game called Free City, Guy lives his life the exact same every day. He sticks to a routine — he wakes up, says hello to his fish, then goes to work at the bank and spends time with his best friend, Buddy.

And of course, he hears Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” in his head constantly. I mean, who doesn’t, right?

Until one day, he thought he saw the girl of his dreams, but she was one of the people that wore sunglasses. Guy then breaks from his daily routine just to say hey to her.

You see, in Free City, there are the people who wear sunglasses, and then there are the ones without. The people wearing sunglasses are the avatar of real-world players. Those without sunglasses are just the background people or non-player characters (NPC).

After breaking his routine, Guy ends up getting a pair of sunglasses from a bank thief and when he puts them on, it’s like a whole new world. He sees everything the gamers see.

In the real world, his dream girl, Millie, is a game designer convinced that the creator of Free City, Antwan, stole a game code written by herself and her friend, Keys, to launch Free City 2.

Daily enters Free City as a player to try and find evidence of the stolen code.

Keys work for Antwan so he isn’t convinced that he’s using it. Keys and another programmer sees Guy and thinks he’s a hacker. They try to ban him, not knowing he’s an NPC.

To get Millie’s attention, Guy soon starts to stand out by being the hero of the game instead of committing crimes like the players of the game.

Now being known as “Blue Shirt Guy”, Guy becomes popular and goes viral, getting the attention of the game creator.

He also finds out that he’s just a character in a game rather than a real person.

Guy’s popularity is starting to threaten the new game’s launch which makes Antwan want to reboot the system also meaning Guy and the other NPC’s memories will be removed.

Eventually, it happens but Millie was able to revive Guy’s memory with a sweet kiss.

Antwan attempts to get rid of Free City once again and fails, resulting in him smashing the game servers but before destroying everything Millie offers him a deal and takes the undamaged part of the game.

Well, Free City 2 sales were horrible and Antwan ends up meeting his fate behind bars.

Millie and Keys released a new game that allows the NPCs to live a free life and Millie finds out that Guy was originally created with her in mind.

There’s more than one way to watch Free Guy, you can stream it now on Disney+ and HBO Max.

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