Georgia senator introduces bills that would help drivers keep their licenses

Number of driver's licenses suspended in Georgia each year
Number of driver's licenses suspended in Georgia each year(WGCL)
Published: Feb. 10, 2022 at 7:46 PM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Driver’s who find themselves in trouble with their license could be getting relief if a state senator gets his way.

State Sen. Bruce Thompson says a pair of bills is intended to help people who had minor vehicle infractions keep their driver’s licenses without going into debt to do it.

If you’re driving and get pulled over for a possible broken tail light or a minor violation you’re expected to go to court.

If you’re a no show your license will automatically be suspended under current Georgia law.

Sen. Bruce Thompson says a license suspension can quickly spiral into lead to jail time if you don’t show up or notify the courts properly or simply can’t afford to pay. He adds that automatic license suspensions are adversely impacting Georgians, especially people struggling financially.

Thompson says one reason people are no shows is because of COVID and his new bill would stop automatic license suspensions.

Thompson testified that 105,000 Georgians had their driver’s licenses suspended last year because of failure to appear in court.

He says many can’t afford to pay for reinstatement so if they qualify, a second bill would eliminate the reinstatement fee.

Today’s hearings did not include a vote. Thompson said he will request them to be put on the committee calendar in the coming weeks.