Mt. Zion Church offers free COVID-19 testing

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Published: Jan. 7, 2022 at 5:49 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - “The question is, ‘do you know where you are?’”

Quick at-home tests are in short supply in southwest Georgia. This has led many to wait in long lines to get tested for COVID -19.

Lines can be more than an hour to get a test.
Lines can be more than an hour to get a test.(WALB)

So, Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Albany held a free testing event on Friday.

“The keyword is free. They don’t have to pay for this. And this is being provided to the community for a cure to help us get this under control,” said church member, Ira Thompson.

Thompson says that it’s important to the church that everyone is healthy when attending services. Most who got tested agreed.

“I’ve known a number of people recently who are vaccinated and had contracted the virus. I’m going to protect myself and other people that I’m around.”

Dozens of volunteers from Fidelity came out to help with the testing efforts. They’ve worked with Mt. Zion in the past.

Volunteer gives instructions to someone taking a test
Volunteer gives instructions to someone taking a test(WALB)

“We’re out here for the cause. Everyone should be able to be tested for COVID. Wet, snow, sleet, rain, we’d still be out here.”

Thompson tells me that this is not just an event at the church but an event for the community

“The location of where we are gives a great opportunity for those to come out and get a free test.”

Based on the success of the event, Mt. Zion is open to organizing more testing events like this one.

This event had more than 150 people tested.

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