Fort Stewart couple welcomes quadruplets just in time for the holidays

The Marquez family got a surprise when they found out they were pregnant with quadruplets
Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 4:19 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - When Mariah and Jose Marquez had their first child five years ago, “we were told she was a miracle.”

A miracle because, “I found out pretty young I had some fertility issues,” said Mariah.

Defying the odds once, they decided to try again.

“We tried for about four years, and nothing really worked,” Mariah said.

But after seeking the help of a fertility doctor, Mariah got pregnant.

“We kind of went from, ‘oh it’s twins,’ to ‘oh, no it’s triplets,’ to finally, ‘you’re having quadruplets!’ And we were shocked.”

Shocked, and rightfully so.

“It’s very rare to have quadruplets. It’s anywhere from one in five-hundred thousand to one in a million pregnancies,” said Memorial Health Neonatologist Dr. Ben Mackowiak.

Of course, aside from beating the odds, a pregnancy like this can come with complications.

“It definitely requires more coordination, but this is what we do. We’re set up to take care of complex cases here at Memorial,” Dr. Mackowiak said.

But on December 15, at 33 weeks the quadruplets made their arrival.

“Jameson was our first (3lbs 12oz),” said Jose.

Followed by Andrew (4lbs, 4oz), Joseph (4lbs 7oz), and finally Delilah (3lbs 1oz).

“She went through major surgery at just 3 days old and she’s really just fighting and doing amazing and she’s definitely going to give her brothers a run for their money,” said Mariah.

The quads now healthy and growing each day and their parents simply enjoying, “happiness, just sheer happiness you know.”

While there is still plenty for the Marquez family to figure out down the road.

“I’m probably going to go adopt some feral kittens to get used to wrangling them all at the same time,” joked Jose.

This holiday season they’re focusing on the blessings right under their nose

“Going from thinking that could never happen, to having your heart so entirely full, is just the most incredible feeling,” said Mariah.

This is the first time in seven years that quadruplets have been born at Memorial.

This set of quads will remain in the NICU until they’re strong enough to eat on their own.

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