Phoebe Main adds new NICU transporter

Published: Dec. 20, 2021 at 1:38 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Phoebe Main has a new NICU transporter on the road. This new vehicle is meant to take care of premature babies from several counties in southwest Georgia.

Last year, they did 174 NICU transports. This additional vehicle will help them service 22 counties.

After putting 200,000 miles on their old NICU ambulance, it had to be retired.

The Neonatal Transport Coordinator Mindy Spencer said this new one is one of the safest of its kind, adding that’s it’s been rollover and side-impact crash tested.

Mindy Spencer, Neonatal Transport Coordinator
Mindy Spencer, Neonatal Transport Coordinator(WALB)

It also adds more safety measures not only for the baby but staff too.

“The transporter is much safer, and it’s locked into place so that way if we have an accident with the baby inside it’s not going anywhere,” said Spencer.

The transporter is locked in.
The transporter is locked in.

The transporter weighs about 400 pounds and is mechanically lifted in and out of the ambulance. Also, the liquid suspension helps make the ride smoother for the baby and staff.

She said the transporter is essentially a mobile NICU, meaning all the tools they have at Phoebe Main; they take on the road.

“Crew members have five-point harnesses so they can stand up and take care of the baby while they’re in their seatbelt,” said Spencer.

staff can be buckled up while treating a patient
staff can be buckled up while treating a patient(phoebe)

The total cost of this NICU ambulance was around $277,000. A cost Children’s Miracle Network at Phoebe had been fundraising for, for nearly a year.

Coordinator Becca Miller said these funds come from some of their events like Jingle Bell Jog, but also corporate partners and private donors.

Becca Miller, Children’s Miracle Network Coordinator At Phoebe Foundation
Becca Miller, Children’s Miracle Network Coordinator At Phoebe Foundation(Phoebe)

“It’s really cool to think this ambulance became a reality one dollar at a time. In a lot of ways, thousands of people make this possible. Not just one company or one person but a dollar at a time,” said Miller.

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