‘I would have a sense of peace’: Victim’s mom pleads for answers in son’s unsolved Sumter Co. homicide

Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 12:30 PM EST
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AMERICUS, Ga. (WALB) - A Sumter County man’s mother is pleading for answers, more than four years after he was shot and killed while breaking up a fight outside a nightclub.

Investigators have not identified or arrested the shooter who killed Kent Wimberly, Jr., in October 2017.

“Family members continue to question me about, ‘well, did they find the person, has there been closure,’” Cynthia Walker, Wimberly’s mom, said.

With the fourth anniversary of her son’s death behind her, Walker said the upcoming holidays will be tough.

Cynthia Walker, Wimberly's mom, spoke with WALB several years ago and is once again pleading...
Cynthia Walker, Wimberly's mom, spoke with WALB several years ago and is once again pleading for people to come forward with information on her son's death.(WALB)

“Everybody is looking for closure, and you can’t get closure without the person that’s responsible for shooting him brought to justice,” she said.

Investigators told WALB in 2017 that they believed Wimberly was hit by a stray bullet while trying to break up a fight outside a nightclub.

“Someone shot towards a car. There was a car between the shooter and Kent, and the bullet went through the car and shot him,” Walker said.

Wimberly’s mom said his last moments on earth reflect his character.

“Jeffrey (his middle name) was always one to try and deflate altercations,” Walker said. “He was always a protector and a caregiver to everybody that he knew.”

The shooting happened outside a nightclub in 2017. (Source: WALB)
The shooting happened outside a nightclub in 2017. (Source: WALB)

Investigators told WALB that up to a hundred people may have been there when the shooting happened.

Investigators, along with the victim’s mom, are hoping anyone who knows or saw anything will come forward in hopes of catching the shooter.

“I would have a sense of peace, and then I would want to speak with whoever it was, to let them know how I feel and what it feels like to lose a child,” Walker said.

One person, Cordera Leverett, was charged in connection to what happened outside the nightclub that night.

According to the Sumter County Superior Court, a grand jury decided not to indict Leverett on a charge of involuntary manslaughter but did indict him on a charge of reckless conduct.

If you have any information on this deadly shooting, call the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office at (229) 924-4094, and investigators said you can stay anonymous.

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