3rd Dougherty Co. incentive-based vaccination event set for Saturday

Published: Nov. 1, 2021 at 9:14 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - This Saturday, Nov. 6, Dougherty County will host its third COVID 19 vaccination event where people will be paid to get their shot.

It was a decision that had some mixed reactions from commissioners.

On Monday, Dougherty County Administrator Michael McCoy asked county commissioners to approve additional funding to give incentives to Dougherty County residents to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.

The original budget was $338,000, now they’re asking for $400,000.

“The first time we did Pfizer only and we had three lanes, we moved it to six. Now, we’re expanding again because we’re adding an additional lane for Moderna. It’s getting bigger and bigger costs go up,” said McCoy.

Photo from the second vaccination event.
Photo from the second vaccination event.(WALB)

District 3 Commissioner Clinton Johnson had an issue with a request for more funding, ultimately making a motion.

“Table this until we get all the numbers back to know exactly what we’re spending,” said Johnson.

Victor Edwards seconded the motion.

Commission Chairman Christopher Cohilas asked McCoy what the outstanding balance for the first two events was.

“We are currently under budget, we spent about $260,000 for the first two events but that may not capture all of our expenses. We haven’t received all the invoices,” explained McCoy.

Five of the commissioners were for the request.

“I can appreciate the fiscal responsibility. I’m going to be supportive over these circumstances of having the event before Thanksgiving,” said Cohilas.

Commissioner Anthony Jones said we already promised to have the event.

“I think we better be safe rather than sorry. We told these folks we were going to do the third event. I think it’s on us as a commission,” said Jones.

Commissioner Johnson and Edwards were the two against the request.

“It’s a free shot. I shouldn’t have to convince people with money to go out and take a free shot. There are all kinds of things we are doing to strengthen Dougherty County. Handing out money, if that’s the case, we should give every citizen $200. People who’ve taken the shot wish they had gotten paid. They didn’t, they were doing what was right,” said Johnson.

District 4 Commissioner Russell Gray added this would be the last time he would support an incentive-based vaccination event.

If there’s money that isn’t used at the vaccination event, it will go back into the American Rescue Plan funding.

To qualify for the $100 gift card, you must be 18 years or older and a Dougherty County resident.

You need to bring an ID and vaccination card if this is your second shot. Students also qualify as long as they bring their student ID.

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