Adel will play host to Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern softball this weekend

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Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 10:19 PM EDT
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ADEL, Ga. (WALB) - The fall season for softball is wrapping up for Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern this weekend.

And for both teams, it’ll end on a neutral site. For the first ever time Adel will play host to the Yellow Jackets and Eagles.

And it’s all happening at the brand new multi-million dollar sports complex.

Georgia Tech Head Softball Coach Aileen Morales said “The opportunity to go into Adel, you know an area that maybe some of my players aren’t that familiar with and promote our team, our program, our sport just sounded kind of like a no-brainer.”

Georgia Southern Head Softball Coach Sharon Perkins added, “It’s good for both of our schools recruiting-wise, and you just want to do your best to get out there and put out a good product and promote the whole game of softball.”

Coach Morales and Coach Perkins are closing out their fall season in an unexpected road trip, one that garners a real opportunity to help grow the sport.

And it all started with a conversation between Mike Raynor, the Supervisor of Officials for the ACC, and Michael Folsom, the Recreation Director for Adel and Cook County to showcase a special event at this complex.

“To be able to pull this together in my little hometown, it’s a really neat event and I’m really excited about it,” said Raynor.

Folsom added, “It’s the wow factor that we’re able to in Adel, Georgia have Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern come to participate on our facility.”

Morales continued, “If we come down to south Georgia and a bunch of youth softball players see us and see that that’s something they can achieve, not only playing in college but in the Olympics and that’s obtainable, that changes the trajectory of your life.”

“The vision here is for Adel and Cook County first. Then after that, we can have tournaments here, bring in colleges coaches. So they don’t have to go to Atlanta or were ever to do that,” said Folsom.

And for the Georgia Southern Eagles, it’ll be a bit of a homecoming for one of their players Jacey Boykin who is an alum of Cook High School.

Perkins said, “It’s always cool to bring out a home crowd for somebody. So, I’m sure her adrenaline will be running high.”

It’ll also be the first meeting between Coach Morales and Perkins as head coaches.

Morales is a former player and assistant of Perkins.

“I’m excited to see her and get to be on the same field as her,” said Perkins.

Morales added, “Being able to compete against her it’s going to be kind of surreal and interesting because I’ve never coached against her. So, we’re going to put on a great game for you guys.”

The first pitch is set for Sunday at 1:00 p.m. between the Yellow Jackets and Eagles.

It’s a free event and one you won’t want to miss.

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