APD’s Red Light Initiative aims to slow down speeders

Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 7:14 AM EDT
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) -The Albany Police Department is actively working on slowing down drivers with a program that started with House Bill 978.

It passed into law in 2018 and for allowed companies like Red Speed to set up their focus cameras in school zones and work with local law enforcement.

It takes roughly 21 days to build a habit. So what were are hoping is that with Red Speed being implemented, when drivers notice it and they are aware of it, and they begin slowing down in school zones, we hope that will also translate them to slowing down in other areas throughout the city, ” said Lt. William Dowdell, with the Albany Police Department.

Lt. William Dowdell with the Albany Police Department (Source: WALB)
Lt. William Dowdell with the Albany Police Department (Source: WALB)

When the cameras are first set up there is a 30-day warning period when people above the limit will only be sent a warning, and then after that, 30 days violators will be charged $80 for the initial violation, and then tickets go to $130.

Dowdell spoke about what reactions he has seen from the community regarding the cameras.

“You’re going to see both of course; the violators are going to be the ones on the negative side, and then the homeowners that live in those areas, that frequent those areas that do not receive violations that are very familiar and obey the speed limit, and they’re giving us a thumbs up for actually bringing this initiative in,” said Dowdell.

Focus Cameras set in School zones.
Focus Cameras set in School zones.(Lt. William Dowdell- Albany Police Department)

Community members such as Mike Gravette who works with the Albany Rescue Mission feels that speeding enforcement need to go beyond just school zones.

“I think the school zone is you know a priority reasonably, for them to have it. But this thoroughfare through here at Monroe, Tift, and West Society, there’s vehicles exceeding, they are exceeding dramatically the speed limit coming through here,” said Gravette.

The tickets issued are all civil penalties, so drivers won’t get points on their license and it won’t raise insurance rates.

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