Phoebe, Deerfield-Windsor team up for lung cancer awareness

Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 11:16 AM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Phoebe Putney Health System and the Deerfield-Windsor football team are joining the fight against lung cancer with the help of former NFL player Chris Draft.

Draft lost his wife to lung cancer and created the organization Team Draft to raise awareness about the deadly disease.

“This event is really important to us. I was really excited when Chris reached out. His goal is to connect the state of Georgia with lung cancer awareness,” Dr. Adam Jones, radiation oncologist, said.

Chris Draft is a former NFL player.
Chris Draft is a former NFL player.(WALB)

“That’s what we are doing here today. This is all about love, this is about coming together as a community and making it clear that if someone is diagnosed with lung cancer, they know that they are not alone, that there are people that care about them,” said Draft.

Said Jones: “We actually create a white ribbon, lung cancer ribbon, and each one of these is handcrafted with love and give it to a survivor to help them, to help show them support and love. We give it to those who treat the disease and those who help bring awareness to it.”

Phoebe has a lung cancer screening program called “Lung Watch” for people at high risk for lung cancer.

Registered Nurse Debrah Night helps with the program and gave some examples of warning signs for lung cancer.

“So, anytime you feel that you’re having trouble breathing, if you’re having pain in your chest or in your upper back, any shortness of breath that is sudden, that’s different. Listen to your body and talk to your doctor,” said Night.

Jeanette LaVant, left, and her daughter, right. Jeanette is a lung cancer survivor.
Jeanette LaVant, left, and her daughter, right. Jeanette is a lung cancer survivor. (WALB)

Jones was able to honor one of his lung cancer survivors.

“So far, I’m doing good and (Dr.) Jones just gave me some good news just in from my CT, which I had yesterday. And I’m just thankful and blessed that I’m still here,” Jeanette LaVant, a lung cancer survivor, said.

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