Albany Dougherty Judicial Building undergoes reconstruction

Video from WALB
Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 7:47 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -Construction has started on the Albany Dougherty Judicial Building. In April, the building had extensive flooding.

They are starting construction from the top floor and working their way down. Facilities Management Director Heidi Minnick said they hope to be done with courtrooms damaged by the end of November. It may be until January before the lobby is done.

Minnick said they just recently finished up the third-floor state courtroom, now they are working on the second floor.

Heidi Minnick,  Director Of Facilities Management Dougherty County
Heidi Minnick, Director Of Facilities Management Dougherty County(WALB)

“We had to replace carpet, repair walls, we’ve had to replace every piece of security equipment in the lobby. We have to redo the lobby ceiling and restore the marble flooring,” said Minnick.

The cause of this damage came from a coffee pot.

They had to fix carpet, floors, and paint walls due to the flooding.
They had to fix carpet, floors, and paint walls due to the flooding.(WALB)

“The line to a coffee pot disconnected and caused a leak that was found. We found four inches of water it went from the state courtroom into the jury room and the water was running like you would see if your hose was on low,” said Minnick.

They are making changes to stop this from happening again and looking at other county buildings to make sure it doesn’t happen there too.

Courtroom after flooding
Courtroom after flooding(Dougherty County Government)

“We’ve capped off the line in the ceiling. We’re going to put a cover over the waterline and going to replumb with the correct plumbing to prevent this from happening in the future,” said Minnick.

The reconstruction process has taken months, Minnick said this is due to supply shortages stemming from the pandemic.

lobby after flooding
lobby after flooding(Dougherty County Government)

The total costs for the repairs and replacement of furniture and technology are more than $550,000. Minnick said insurance did cover all of those costs.

“The lobby is going to be the most time-consuming and involved so that is where we’ll end it. It will allow employees to come back into their spaces quicker if we just have the lobby closed,” said Minnick.

We will keep you updated when they finish the reconstruction process.

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