Valdosta encourages everyone to make Halloween more eco-friendly

Published: Oct. 11, 2021 at 8:59 PM EDT
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VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Spooky season is here, not only for people but for the environment.

As South Georgians prepare for Halloween with loads of tasty candy and new costumes, City of Valdosta officials said there are ways to make this Halloween more eco-friendly.

Halloween candy wrappers can be a plastic nightmare when tossed out into the streets and they can cause pollution and harm wildlife.

Candy wrappers are made up of different materials, like plastic and aluminum. Those materials make it difficult for wrappers to be recycled.

Valdosta aims to make this year’s Halloween more sustainable, keeping the waters of the city healthy and debris-free.

“It’s really important not to throw your candy wrappers on the floor. I know once we got our little superheroes and princess all dressed up and we’re out the door, they’re in a hurry to eat their candy and they find a good piece and it’s easy to just dispose of it and throw it on the ground. But what people don’t always realize is that it actually ends up in our rivers and streams. That can harm our fish, turtles and alligators,” said Angela Bray, stormwater manager.

This year, when you’re out trick or treating, try to hold on to wrappers, making sure they don’t end up on the ground.

Trick or treat bags can also cause some issues. Plastic jack-o-lanterns may break and the plastic could find its way into landfills.

Instead, get creative. A reusable bag may be sturdier and can be saved for the next Halloween.

Dressing up is the best part, but a lot of costumes end up getting worn once and thrown out.

Instead of tossing it in the trash, this year, try donating it to a charity, or trade with family or friends.

Small changes like this can help make a big difference.

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