Dougherty works to continue strong start to season

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Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 11:00 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - For the first time since 2005, the Dougherty Trojans have secured a 3-0 start.

A team that went oh and five a year ago said their time is now to transform their program and create their own success.

Head Coach Johnny Gilbert said, “I think these guys came in this summer and committed and a lot of these guys when they got here said they’re going to turn things around when it’s our time we’re going to turn things around. So their commitment, their dedication, their hard work has displayed that. So I give that all to them.”

Gilbert added why he thinks the team is finding so much success early in their 2021 campaign, “I think the discipline of this team is a lot different. I mean they’re playing really good football, they’re getting after it. They’re in practice every day getting after it, making adjustments, moving. The energy is there, the coach’s energy is there. So it’s a whole different Dougherty High football team. So, we’re excited about where we are right now and hope that we can continue on.”

Johnny Gilbert, Dougherty Trojans Head Football Coach
Johnny Gilbert, Dougherty Trojans Head Football Coach(Source: WALB)

In 2019, coach Gilbert was the third Trojans Head Coach in three years.

In 2021, he’s entering his third season.

“I told the guys, I’m not going anywhere and so we’re going to be here and we’re going to be consistent in what we’re doing. And the guys have bought in and so we’re pushing towards that consistency,” said Gilbert.

Paige Dauer asked, “How does the success of your kids really impact you?”

Gilbert responded, “I tell you what, I’ve put a lot into this program mentally, emotionally, and physically so for us to 3-0 right now that lets me know what I’ve put in it I’m reaping the benefits of it now so that means a whole lot. I care a lot about these kids and their futures and where they want to go and so I think God got me here for that reason to be a blessing to these kids and it’s happening now.”

For the Trojans, in week five they’ll clash with Turner County in one of their biggest games of the season.

Gilbert said, “That’s a big thing that we’ve talked about this season that we’re on a mission and we’re just part of the way on the mission, we’re a third of the way on the mission. So, we gotta keep that focus, that we haven’t completed the mission. We got off on a great start but we got to continue on. So we can’t be good, we have to be great.”

The Dougherty Trojans look to go 1-0 this Friday night as they take on Turner County.

Currently, the Trojans are 0- 3 against the Titans.

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