Pelham residents speak out about ongoing water issues

Video from WALB
Published: Aug. 24, 2021 at 10:57 PM EDT
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PELHAM, Ga. (WALB) - There are concerns by Pelham home and business owners over the quality of their city water.

Over the past week, the city has issued several boil water notices.

Diane Wimberly has been a resident of Pelham since 2000 and said she hasn’t experienced a water issue of this magnitude at her home.

Diane Wimberly, resident of Pelham
Diane Wimberly, resident of Pelham(WALB)

“Fix it, fix it, because it’s tearing up my car as well,” said Wimberly.

Wimberly said this is the first time this has happened in her area.

The City of Pelham announced it has experienced a larger than average number of water leaks and according to a release, there will be a $672,000 well project to improve the safety and standards of the drinking water.

However, some residents said it’s creating huge problems at their homes.

Robert West has a large leak on the side of his house and said he was told it was his problem to fix because it is on his property.

Robert West, resident experiencing leak at home
Robert West, resident experiencing leak at home(WALB)

“I’m having to dig this hole out by myself to find this water leak because City of Pelham said that they aren’t responsible. So I’m having to dig it out myself,” said West.

The city said it is now performing maintenance on one of its two water towers to address the leaks.

Residents who spoke with WALB News 10 said they are also concerned that their water bills will increase because of the leaks.

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