Construction set to begin soon for Valdosta’s Amphitheater Park

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Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 7:21 PM EDT
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VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Prices for construction supplies are skyrocketing, affecting the construction plans for the City of Valdosta’s Amphitheater Park.

The city recently approved more funding.

In about two weeks, construction is starting in the grass lot across from City Hall.

This is the final design plan.

Valdosta Amphitheater Park design.
Valdosta Amphitheater Park design.(City of Valdosta)

You can see the full layout where walkways, seating, bathrooms, and amphitheater will be on the lot.

In February, Artesian Contracting was awarded the project for a price of $1,148,600.

The project was part of the city’s 2021 Budget.

In the past few months, the city and contractors have been working on finalizing the project.

Prices for construction supplies have increased due to the pandemic and global shortages.

Now, the price for the project increased to over $2 million, which the city just approved.

“This has been a project, kind of a dream of mine since I became city manager. Just started talking, seeing what we can do. It’s four years in the making now because that park has been extremely popular just as a green space and nothing on it so I think our community is really excited about it,” said Mark Barber, city manager.

Barber says cost increases have been seen across the board on many city projects.

Phase 1 of construction is set to be done by Christmas. It’ll include more of the basics like benches and water features.

Phase 2 will be the amphitheater. It’s likely to be completed by January or February of 2022.

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