Lee Co. revalues all taxable properties, first time since the 1990′s

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Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 8:33 PM EDT
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LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - Lee County is conducting a complete revaluing of its taxable properties for the first time since the 90′s. So, expect changes.

This process will determine how much your property is worth now.

This gives the county a chance to assess how values have changed. They want to avoid situations where one property is valued much higher or lower than another property that it’s similar to.

Dennis Lee is the Chief Appraiser at the Lee County Tax Assessor Office. He said a full assessment was long overdue.

Dennis Lee is the Chief Appraiser for the Lee County Tax Assessor's Office.
Dennis Lee is the Chief Appraiser for the Lee County Tax Assessor's Office.(WALB)

“Now it’s gotten to the point that property values have risen and we need to make sure we’re in compliance with the state,” said Lee.

State regulations say homes must be valued within a certain range.

“So in simple terms, we have to be within ten percent of what a property is selling for,” he explained.

He also said the main goal is to keep property values fair.

“The major factor that comes out of an evaluation is creating equity between similar type properties. That way you are paying no more than what you owe, the burden of paying taxes is shared equally,” he said.

Property owners have a Notice of Assessment that will include a tax estimate along with the value of the property, as soon as Monday. You have 45 days from July 30, to appeal.

“When the appeals are over we will have a tax digest and at which time the county commissioners will look at the budget, look at the tax digest and reassess the mileage rate, what we call a rollback and they’ll reduce the mileage rate.”

He said that rollback helps reduce spikes in taxes after a revaluation and going forward he wants properties to be appraised every three years to avoid falling behind.

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