Man pleads not guilty in Hackle sibling, Bobbielynn Moore murder case

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Published: Jul. 15, 2021 at 11:36 AM EDT
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NASHVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Keyante Greene entered a plea of not guilty to the charges listed on the murder indictment against him Thursday morning in Berrien Superior Court.

From left to right: Wayne "Ronnie" Hackle, Mercedes Hackle and Bobbielynn Moore.
From left to right: Wayne "Ronnie" Hackle, Mercedes Hackle and Bobbielynn Moore.(Source: Family)

About the case:

Greene, along with Jonathan Vann, was charged in connection to the deaths of Wayne and Mercedes Hackle and Bobbielynn Moore in March 2019.

Wayne and Moore’s bodies were found in Atkinson County and Mercedes’ body was found in Berrien County.

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The Alapaha District Attorney is seeking the death penalty for Vann and Greene for Mercedes’ death in Berrien County.

Greene and his attorney waived a formal arraignment.

The state and the defense did not set a time for trial at Thursday’s hearing but did set a 30-day deadline for discovery in the case.

There is a 120-day deadline for motions to be filed, but this could be changed later on because of the large number of files in the case.

The defense did not ask the judge for a speedy trial, as is frequently the case.

“We do need to fix a deadline so that we don’t let years extended amounts of time go by and motions keep popping along,” Chase Studstill, district attorney, said.

Studstill said he gave the defense partial discovery Thursday.

Attorneys are taking steps to get Greene to trial.

Family members of the three killed have been waiting since March 2019 for the case to go to trial.

Both the defense and state acknowledged the steps before trial will take some time.

Michael Schwartz, Greene’s attorney, said death penalty cases can, on average, take anywhere from three to four years to go to trial.

“The standard in death penalty cases is a multi-generational, multi-level investigation into the defendant’s life history and that just doesn’t happen overnight,” Schwartz said.

For the Atkinson County charges, a judge’s decision on whether to deny or grant the motion to dismiss the indictment is expected Tuesday or Wednesday.

That motion sits on Judge Clayton Tomlinson’s desk. If he approves, Greene would have to be re-indicted there.

To read the full Berrien County indictment, click here.

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