New Alzheimer’s drug brings hope to caregivers and sufferers

Updated: Jun. 8, 2021 at 10:52 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The approval of a new drug that slows the progression of Alzheimer’s is creating a bit of hope for the millions of people who suffer from it and their caregivers.

“It is a difficult disease,” said Nancy Goode, the development director of the Alzheimer’s Outreach Center. “My mom had it, my grandmother had it, I had two aunts that had it.”

Goode has seen the effects it can have on your loved ones. She said this drug is something she can be grateful for.

“In my 20 plus years, there have been numerous drugs in clinical trials so it is exciting that a new one has come out because before there’s only been three different drugs that people could use,” explained Goode.

The drug is called Aducanumab.

Although the name of it can be a little difficult to pronounce, Linda Davidson, the executive director of Georgia’s Alzheimer’s Association, said despite that, it is a giant step in the right direction.

“Very happy to pronounce it now that the FDA has approved it,” said Davidson.

Davidson said she has a friend who was recently diagnosed and is anxiously waiting to be treated. However, she encourages suffers and their caregivers to know how they will be affected by it.

“I know that some people are like, ‘Can I get it, or will it work for me or where can I find it?’ And I think you have to tell people that there is a process and that they need to start having that discussion with their physician,” Davidson explained.

This is the first drug designed to help slow Alzheimer’s disease.

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