Willie Spence’s parents open up about his American Idol journey

Published: Jun. 5, 2021 at 8:24 PM EDT
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DOUGLAS, Ga. (WALB) - On Friday night, fans continued to cheer on American Idol’s Season 19 runner-up Willie Spence during a charity concert in Douglas.

But long before Idol, his parents, family and friends were his original supporters.

WALB News 10′s Bobby Poitevint sat down exclusively with Willie Spence Sr. and Sharon Spence to talk American Idol and their son, Willie.

They both knew, from the beginning, music was in his future.
They both knew, from the beginning, music was in his future.(source: Spence Family)

They both knew, from the beginning, music was in his future.

“And his voice is being heard right now all over the world,” Sharon said tearfully.

Before Willie Spence was a household name, he was, and still is, known by his parents as “M&M” or Miracle Man, after doctors told Sharon she couldn’t get pregnant. But she believes music and faith found a way.

Sharon said she nurtured Willie in the womb through singing.

She would sing to him.

“M&M we love you. Sweet M&M, mommy and daddy loves you,” she recalled. “During my pregnancy, I sung and after the pregnancy, he took it over.”

From that, it’s no secret where Willie’s talent came from.

His father plays the guitar and his mom is a singer.

Willie takes a few his teacher’s skills to the stage.

“And I would say (to Willie) use your hands more, walk a little bit, M&M, walk back, you know certain things I would say and those things were coming out (on stage) while he was singing and it made me feel good. And then when I went home, a lot of people say ‘Sharon, that boy looks just like you on that stage.’ He said, ‘you do your hands like that and he did his hands like that.’”

They said the whole American Idol experience has been a roller-coaster of thrills for them and they only were able to talk to Willie a few times a week and rarely, if ever, got to see him over the months-long saga.

“It’s hard to catch up with him now and even before then, it was hard but when we talk to him, we seize the moment,” said Sharon.

Willie Spence during a charity concert on Friday.
Willie Spence during a charity concert on Friday.(source: WALB)

Now that it’s over, they believe the outcome was meant to be and now it’s time to get to work.

“It happened the way it was supposed to happen and he’s number two in American Idol but he’s number one to us,” Sharon said.

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