Moultrie hosts film crew for upcoming movie

Updated: Jun. 3, 2021 at 8:50 PM EDT
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MOULTRIE Ga. (WALB) - The city known for its Christmas lights in the town square hopes to also become famous for hosting Hollywood.

Filming for a new movie is underway in Moultrie.

“It’s a tremendous impact on Moultrie,” said Peter Dillard, the city manager.

Thursday was the second night of filming.

Movie shoot in Downtown Moultrie.
Movie shoot in Downtown Moultrie.(City of Moultrie)
Movie shoot in Downtown Moultrie.
Movie shoot in Downtown Moultrie.(City of Moultrie)

On Wednesday, crews filmed outside of Chancy Drugs in downtown.

There were red flashes and smoke near the courthouse. WALB News 10 caught it early Thursday morning on our weather camera. A producer with Third Shift Media said they used a sparkler device and flash pyrotechnics. Although it looks big, it makes no sound.

Many people in downtown Thursday said they were unaware of the filming, but the excitement was still there.

“We’re super excited in downtown to have the chance to host something like that. We think it brings vitality to our area,” said Steven Lazarus, the store manager at a downtown shop.

Lazarus said he hopes after this shoot, more movie crews will come to town.

“We’re a great town and I think we have some character that will be perfect for movie production,” said Lazarus.

Lazarus said Wednesday night’s shoot brought spectators to the area.

The businesses were informed prior to filming.

Officials said 90 crew members are in town.

Dillard said projects like this can have a big economic impact. He said it helps drive people to town and fills up hotels.

“I’m sure they eat. They need fuel for vehicles, that many vehicles in town, that much equipment, even though this is just two days of filming, that’s a lot of additional people,” said Dillard.

Dillard hopes this will be the first of many film shoots.

The movie “Supercell” features Anne Heche, Alec Baldwin and Skeet Ulrich. It will be released no earlier than 2022.

Crews will be shooting Thursday night at the pool at Shaw Gym. Residents won’t hear any explosions or see anything flash in the sky, but film producers say a rig will dip pieces of a car in the pool. This is a private shoot.

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