Albany Police Department investigates armed car break-ins

Updated: Jun. 3, 2021 at 8:21 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany police want your help identifying two people they believe are responsible for more than 10 car burglaries.

Investigators call the recent break-ins disturbing because they’re noticing now that suspects are carrying guns when breaking into cars.

Albany Police Department investigating  armed car break ins
Albany Police Department investigating armed car break ins(WALB)

In surveillance, you can see two people shine flashlights, looking into a car to see what may be inside. Taking a closer look, you see they both have handguns. Moments later, another group pulls up and stops at another house.

Lt. John Segroves with the Albany Police Department (APD) encourages home owenrs to stay inside and call police if you see something like this happen.

Lieutenant John Segroves, Albany Police Department
Lieutenant John Segroves, Albany Police Department(WALB)

“Be very careful. If they see these things on the cameras or if they walk out and somebody’s out there to have that thought in their mind that these people are now committing these crimes and are willing to shoot at you for it,” said Seagroves.

Seagroves said the criminal mindset has changed and the crimes have become much more organized.

“I think if a lot of these crimes right now are a group going together, they’re just hitting multiple houses. They may hit 15 to 12 houses in an area just in an hour. Somebody drops them off, three or four of them, are checking doors,” said Seagroves.

Lt. Segroves said break-ins are happening all over Albany and most often in the west district. He said they’re hitting what they call target-rich environments repeatedly.

“They are more prone to leave things in their car. They’re more relaxed about how they do things, so they create a target-rich environment,” explained Seagroves.

Seagroves said keeping your car clean and locking your doors can make you less likely to become a victim.

Typically, they notice these types of crimes ramp up in summer.

The Albany Police Department has not identified any suspects.

If you recognize someone in these videos, you’re asked to call APD or Crime Stoppers at 229-436-TIPS. Police also ask you to send them any surveillance you have if you’re neighborhood has been hit.

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