Grilled cheese drive thru comes to Albany

Updated: May. 21, 2021 at 7:27 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Grilled cheese lovers, there’s a new business in Albany dedicated to serving all types of grilled cheeses.

From regular grilled cheese to one with fig jam and apples. WALB News 10′s Molly Godley spoke with the owners of “Melted” about what it’s been like to start a business amid a worker shortage.

Michael and Erin Monahan own Melted together.

Michael and Erin Monahan
Michael and Erin Monahan(WALB)

“We cooked all the sandwiches at home, trying different things, substituting meats, cheeses, just to what works well,” said Michael.

They decided to open the restaurant as a drive-thru so they didn’t have to quit their other jobs.

“The drive-thru kept it simple so that we can really execute well on sandwiches that we make we have a simple limited menu, but they’re all made really well,” said Erin.

Michael grew up in Albany. He left to study medicine and is back starting his job. He said they wanted to open Melted to give back to the community. He says they were able to hire employees quickly.

“The excitement for a new place, something different to be a part of. I think that’s been a driving force about how many applicants we have,” said Micahel Monahan.

One way they’re working to give back is by donating to Albany charities.

“We decided to make chocolate chip cookies for charity. All of our proceeds from the cookies will go towards that charity... charities are selected on a monthly basis and the employees rotate choosing the charity of the month,” said Erin.

fixing food for those in the drive thru
fixing food for those in the drive thru(WALB)

They say the community has been very welcoming.

“We’ve had overwhelming support from the community. We feel so blessed the community has been overwhelmingly positive were so grateful for that,” said Erin.

Their goal is to give Albany something different that will last in the community.

“We’re looking forward to just watching it flourish, and who knows maybe one day we’ll have multiple locations,” said Erin.

You can look at the full menu here.

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