No gas lines or shortage expected in Lowndes Co.

Updated: May. 12, 2021 at 7:13 PM EDT
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VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) -Gov. Brian Kemp addressed the state on Wednesday with an update on the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack.

He advised everyone to remain calm and just buy the gas needed for essentials needs.

He, along with other state officials, believes this is a short-term issue.

In Valdosta, there are no reports of long gas lines, as of yet.

Gas shortage in Valdosta.
Gas shortage in Valdosta.(WALB)

Checking around Valdosta, there are a number of gas stations that don’t have gas. Most of those are in town, while the stations near the interstate seem to have fuel.

A few people filling up, tell us they’re not panicking about the situation.

“Yup I am. My husband told me this morning ‘baby just go get some gas because it’s going to be crazy’ and it has been,” said Gyna McClelland.

With no fear at the pumps, McClelland tells us this is the third gasoline station she’s passed by.

She shared the same opinion many told us as they gassed up. They described the situation as chaotic and hopes it’s over soon.

”I think people are panicking for no reason, it’s crazy. I’ve seen a couple of people with full blow tanks getting a bunch of gas for no reason. I think it’s crazy. Every gas pump you go to everything is out,” said McClelland.

WALB’s Jennifer Morejohn passed by about five different gas stations around the Valdosta and Lowndes area and they all looked the same. Empty with pumps covered with plastic bags.

No gas lines reported in Lowndes Co.
No gas lines reported in Lowndes Co.(WALB)

Store workers telling us they’re in the dark, with no information on when more fuel will be arriving.

Mary Sharp decided to pump some gas before heading to work, just in case.

“We’ll get gas. We’re not going to die, we’ll be okay,” said Sharp.

Sharp says what she’s been hearing is that the stations near the interstate should have gas available.

State and local officials encouraging everyone to remain calm.

“If everyone doesn’t rush out and fill out every container that they have available, and their cars and we continue normal consumption, Lowndes County is not expected to see any type of gas shortage,” said Meghan Barwick, Lowndes County spokesperson.

If you see any price gouging, you’re asked to report it.

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