Radium Springs renovations make two jumps ahead

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 7:08 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Radium Springs got two big pushes to further its renovation, all thanks to decisions made by Dougherty County commissioners.

Dougherty County is getting much more aggressive in its tactics to get rid of the hydrilla in the water at Radium Springs. Hydrilla is an invasive species that’s taken over parts of the springs.

They’ve been working to clear it for weeks.

On Monday, the county decided on a new contractor to work on chemically treating the plant.

Jeremy Brown is the project engineer for Dougherty County Public Works.

“Currently, we’re mechanically removing the hydrilla. Once it’s all gone, we’re going to have to have some type of maintenance program. That maintenance program, what we pitched to the commissioners, is some kind of chemical treatment,” he said.

Radium Springs updates move forward within two months.
Radium Springs updates move forward within two months.(WALB)

The chemical kills the hydrilla within 24 hours then slowly starts attacking the root. That’s what keeps it from coming back. It is not a quick process.

“Seven to eight years down the line, you’ll see very little of the hydrilla left in the spring. We’re on day 16 now into a 20 to 22-day process of mechanically removing the hydrilla,” Brown said.

The second major update is to Spring Run Bridge, which also functions as a dam. It allows the spring to retain water.

“Back in the day, they put in a system of boards that could be placed. The more boards you put in, the higher the water backs up into the spring. Currently, there’s a lot of leaks in between the boards and under the boards. For the bridge project, we’re going to rehab the bridge back to how it was built in the 1920s,” Brown said.

Many people are hopeful this will help lead to the possibility of a community pool. Higher water levels may also help control hydrilla.

The bridge also serves another purpose, Brown said.

“The main benefit will be to connect all the multi-purpose trails. That’s included in the master plan. It’s really nice views overlooking the Flint. That’s an old route they use to take in the 20s and 30s to get from the springs to the golf course,” Brown said.

The master plan also proposes using the gravel area at the springs for food trucks and other vendors.

The county plans to officially approve the next steps in the bridge repair process next Monday. The master plan draws on examples of similar areas in Tulsa and Austin.

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