Bainbridge Public Safety holds live fire training

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 6:17 PM EDT
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BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WALB) - If you live in Bainbridge and saw a house on fire Monday, it was all for training.

The Bainbridge Public Safety Department held a live fire training for its firemen.

Public safety officials said it provides adequate training for real-life scenarios.

Firefighters risk their lives every single day. But how do they prepare?

Assistant Fire Chief Ryan Deen said the best way is live fire training.

“Every house is different in how it burns. It helps give them an idea each time we do this, a little different scenario,” Deen said.

He says live trainings are held frequently.

“There’s an ongoing process. Firefighters are never completely trained. There’s an amount of hours they have to get for recertification each year,” Deen said.

They also go to the Georgia Standard Public Training Center for two classes on how to prepare for fires.

“Here at Bainbridge Public Safety, we do fire and police. So, we have fire training hours and police training hours that they are required to have every year to maintain their certification to do both,” Deen said.

Bainbridge Public Safety holds training for firefighters
Bainbridge Public Safety holds training for firefighters(WALB News)

Brandon Register has been a Public Safety officer for nearly a year. He says he’s still learning how to fight fires.

“Since it’s controlled and chief is here, it’s a great experience. Just in case I’m patrolling and maybe the first on the scene, I can tell it’s a hydrant here. Just learning little stuff,” Register said. “It’s been a good experience. It’s a lot that I learned that I didn’t know. It’s something that I always wanted to do.”

Safety officials said the city is working with homeowners to burn dilapidated homes that are no longer livable.

But first, they need permission.

“Fill out a form. There’s a process where they ask the code enforcement for a permit to burn the house,” said the longtime assistant fire chief.

From there the city can move forward.

“We’ll get the fire department involved and we can burn the house and help clean the property up for the owner of the property. It helps reduce the amount of cost to the public,” Deen added.

Deen said they plan to hold these trainings monthly.

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